Tracking System

Passive, Active & IR (Readers, Locators & Tags)

TEK Data Solutions currently provides Passive, Active and Active IR RFID tracking within our MyFinder system. We design and develop all of the software for these products in-house. We are adept at providing ways of hiding our systems in your facility so that they are not an eyesore or a distraction. The RFID tracking system can work alone or with other parts of the MyFinder system for both passive and active options. It can also be integrated into our PoE LED lighting system for mass emergency notifications and other practical uses.

Specs & Features

  • Custom Designed Software
  • Real Time Location Details
  • Works With Most Standard IP PBX Systems
  • Can Be Used Stand Alone or Integrated with Other MyFinder End Points to Create a Custom Solution

  • Active Tracking

    • Shows Location in Real Time for People & Assets
    • Battery Operated Tags & IR Lighting (PoE Lights)
    • Emitter or IR & Receiver

    • Passive Tracking

      • Used for Inanimate Objects & Access Control
      • Consists of Tags, Readers & Antennas
      • Also Available in BAP Tags (Battery Assisted)
      • Consists of Tags, Transceiver and Antennas